“I thought that I would update you quickly via email and say a big thank you as I have just completed my degree. I am very certain that if it wasn’t for our time together I would not have made it through.”


 “Thank you for all the support I have received.  I have found the experience incredibly positive.  I really appreciate all the work you have done with me.”


  “I just wanted to thank you personally for the support and advice … It has helped me to gain an insight into myself … so I can move on.”

  “I am doing really well – taking care, feeling loved and making plans.”


  “Thank you for helping me to take the first step on the road.”


  “Sometimes a person needs to reach out and search for answers when at a low ebb.  Just to have someone listen and to discuss fears/apprehensions was immense.  Thank you for extending the hand of counselling to me.”


  “Thank you.  I’m not sure that without counselling I’d even be here, as at the time, as you know, I had major self destruct issues.”


“I am so grateful to you for all your patience and understanding. I know I would be in a far worse state now if I had not come to you when I did.”